Elvesys is an innovative company created in 2011, which aim the development of next-generation microfluidic and flow control instrumentation to help researchers to surpass the state-of-the-art in their scientific field. Elvesys now proposes the world widest brand of microfluidic flow control products. The second main mission of the company is to enhance the technological transfer of microfluidic innovations from research laboratories to medical diagnostic and cell biology market.

Lydie Jeux

Lydie is Research and Innovation Manager at Elvesys has published 4 articles in peer-reviewed Journals during her 4 years of research, with 47 citations and an h-index of 3. She obtained a Master degree in physiology, pharmacology and neurosciences, a PhD in Molecular and cellular biology at University of Limoges, worked as Research Engineer at CNRS and has been trained as a clinical resea

Aurélie Vigne

Aurélie is Scientific Director in microfluidics at Elvesys.  She obtained a double master degree (France-China) in fundamental physics specialized in atomic physics and molecular, condensed matter and optics and then an European label PhD in droplet-based microfluidics (France-Scotland). Her areas of expertise are droplet-based microfluidics, fluorescence detection and acoustofluidics.

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